Creativity is for everyone 

So many people tell me they can’t draw, they can’t paint, they can’t make things…but I’m a strong believer that everyone can be creativity, it’s just about finding what you enjoy. 

Tropical Wonderland
Something which I think everyone and anyone can definitely enjoy is colouring, it may sound at first like something just for children, BUT if you haven’t seen them already there are now lots of colouring books designed for adult use, and I personally know plenty of people who have treated themselves to one. Of course me being one of them, as I can’t help but get involved with anything crafty. My first colouring book was a Christmas gift from my ever thoughtful husband. Two of my favourite things combined in one, crafts and Harry Potter! I can now colour in Harry whilst I have my regular pyjama days and potterfests. My second book was tattoos, a perfect secret Santa gift from work. And my last I just couldn’t help but by myself, tropical wonderland.

So as you can see there really is something for everyone! 

Reid barn wedding – Joys of trying to dry flowers minus the mould! 

A year ago I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid for my best friend, she had stunning flowers and I really wanted to preserve my bouquet so I had my first attempt at drying flowers, unfortunately this didn’t go well! I hug them upside down with string in my back bedroom and before I realised they were covered in mould.

bouquet and button hole – photo by harvey and harvey
We were very busy between the wedding and our honeymoon so I didn’t get as much time and I would or liked to prep/research flower drying for my wedding flowers. Online it showed 3 ways you could dry your bouquet. I had another attempt at doing what I did with my bridesmaid bouquet as this was the quickest option, only thing I did differently was hang them in a cupboard as I read they should be in a dark place.

my flowers hung to dry

Unfortunately when we returned from our honeymoon I found that my flowers again had gone mouldy. Luckily johns buttonhole dried perfectly which I plan on framing at some point to try and preserve the best I can, I have heard eventually the flowed will crumble. Most of my bouquet has gone mouldy but I managed to salvage a few bits. I also tried drying one of the bunches off the table, this went well bare the one rose which was mouldy.

I’m not sure why the roses had gone mouldy, all I can think is that by being stood in water all day at the wedding that they may have taken up too much moisture. I think if I was going to do it again I would dry flowers individually, although you wouldn’t get the shape of the bouquet you could always make an attempt to reassemble it, and at least if some of the flowers went mouldy it wouldn’t spread to all the others like what happened with mine. Slightly disappointed I didn’t manage to save more of my bouquet (they were stunning and I’m very sentimental) but you have to try these things. My step mum told me she simply put hers on top of a cupboard and they dried, so perhaps this is something you would like to try if attempting to dry your own flowers.

(left) table flowers (righht) bouquet
mr reid’s button hole
dried remnants of my bouquet

I found this great box frame at the range which now houses my button holes, the icing flowers from the top of our cake, and a few other specials bits from the wedding, which has been proudly added to my dedicated wedding wall in our hallway. 

Reid barn wedding – leaving things till last minute…the woodwork

I have previously mentioned how we had 2 years 2 months of planning between our engagement and the big day, you’d think with that much time nothing would be left to last minute…wrong!

The week leading up to the wedding and I go to my brothers house, he’s a dab hand with wood and has all the tools you can possibly imagine. So all I need is one sign to point to the entrance of the wedding, simple. But then your stood in a garden full of all this wood, and he seems to think we have plenty of time, so the ideas start flowing, we are both as bad as each other…And I leave with a bench, totem pole of arrows, 2 pallet signs, a stand and frame to take photos in, an archway, and of course my original simple ‘wedding’ sign…oops! But what fun did we have and how great did it look?! And he even let me loose on the tools for a bit!
Then…Two nights before the wedding and we’ve had no sleep because I’ve still not finished the chair sashes and I’ve decided to make dream catchers as an extra piece of decor. Luckily my now husband is very patient and encourages the creative flow, and helps out as much as he can, so we make a great team.

So today’s post is going to be all about the wood.

We made a totem pole arrow sign to give our guests directions to the various parts of the wedding. We chiselled slight angles out of the main pole so that we could put the signs pointing differed directions. We attached a speckled hen tin with sharpe pens and asked our quests to sign their names and we plan on varnishing the wood so that we can preserve it in our garden – unfortunately not something we have got round to doing yet so its being kept safe it our shed for the time being! I have seen a few people that have done a similar idea but instead asked their guests to sign a bench, a nice way to preserve memories of the day. I also decorated the sign with crochet and fabric flowers I’ve made, originally as an idea for a bouquet but I decided to go with real flowers in the end and use these on a garland for decoration.

We made two pallet signs, super easy! one for order of the day and another for no seating plan and unplugged wedding. This was important to us as we wanted our guests to be present during our ceremony and enjoying the moment, as much as I love a good photograph sometimes you are so busy trying to get the perfect shot that it’s easy to forget to take in the memories, after all they are what you will remember and the photos are just a visual reminder, so I thought the wording we chose was the best way to explain that.

We also made a Wedding arrow sign to direct our quests as well as our arch.


Reid barn wedding – crochet hooks & knitting needles 

How could I get married without including my love for crochet, it even got a special mention during our ceremony.

For our ceremony our guests sat on hay bales so I wanted to decorate them and also provide something to wrap up in if it got a bit chilly later so I made some crochet blankets. I used a few different patterns, the easiest and quickest being the corner to corner. Johns mum also very kindly knitted us some blankets which was muchly appreciated!

crochet blankets for our ceremony
I made a crochet mini me and John (how could I not). It is made from embroidery thread, some of which was previously my grandmas and great aunties, a privilege to be able to use something passed down the family, and a reminder of those no longer with us. It was made using a 0.75 hook, so small! I then cut part of the branch of a bush in our front garden and engraved our initials to create the base

photo by jack and sophie
Us with our crochet us
Now one of the many things being displayed on out wedding shelves – those of you that have got married I’m sure will agree one big thing I’ve found after our wedding is that you just want to keep reliving that special moment, and those of you that are yet to be married, will soon be finding out, saviour every moment, and when it’s all over, be crazy like me and fill your house with all your special bits and pieces! We now have wedding shelves in our kitchen filled with all those special bits and pieces, and a wedding wall in the hallway where we are displaying our framed gifts and wedding photos (when we have eventually narrowed done out very very favourites). 

Wedding shelves

Also I completed my first ever knitting project as a little gift for one of my guests, which I was really proud of, the project was maybe a bit ambitious for my first real attempt at knitting but I really enjoyed the challenge, it even included knitting on the round, which is easier than it looks I promise!! 

This was from the knit your own Scotland book that I got for my birthday, fantastic buy! Love the projects and I found it easy to follow, especially as it is my first knitting project. You can also get the knit your own Britain book, which I of course already of my Amazon wish list!

Time to try something new…embroidery! 

Whilst we were staying in St Ives for our honeymoon we visited the Poppy Teffrey shop. For those of you that aren’t aware of this shop, the products are all based on machine embroidery. They have lots of very cute designs and lovely items to purchase and are local to the area – for me handmade and local are two of the best things.

So this shop has inspired me to go on a new venture with embroidery. I like the idea of machine embroidery, mainly just because I love my machine, and I love things that aren’t precise! But I’d also like to have a go at needle embroidery as you can get a lot of detail with this.

So I bought a machine embroidery book to get me started (I love books!) as well as a super cute cat notebook for all my ideas.

I have also ordered some embroidery hoops, mini hoops for necklaces, embroidery needles and a mix of thread. Along with two books in needle embroidery (like I say I really do love books!)

I have a few ideas of things I would like to embroider already, I’d quite like to turn some photos from the wedding into embroidered designs. I’m hoping to use my books to get me started, they will help me learn stitches and different techniques, there are also some great projects to try out, then I can move on to create my own designs and projects!

Reid barn wedding – I don’t like magic but I like Roy’s magic


‘I don’t like magic, but I like Roy’s magic!’ – Vicki Reid

I think my above quote, from our wedding day, pretty much sums up what I think of Roy!

I even surprised myself with this addition to our wedding, because magicians are not my thing, unfortunately I’m pretty cynical, I don’t believe in TV magic (except harry potter!!), there is always the trick of the camera, and face to face I’ve never seen anyone I’ve been impressed with…until the pancake house at centre parcs 2015 when we met Roy Bond.

DSCN4401 copy.JPG

What a fantastic, friendly person, and magician, he managed to make my engagement ring disappear…and luckily for him…also reappear! We were hugely impressed and decided to book him for our wedding as a nice little surprise for our guests.

Needless to say he went down a treat, and he’s still keeping me amazed. A few of our guests were sceptical when they realised we had hired a magician, but all of them (just like us) commented on how impressed and amazed they were with his talent. We will definitely be finding an excuse to see him again.

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 12.45.43.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 12.45.55.png


Reid barn wedding – Fabrics 

One of my favourite materials is fabric! I’m a bit of a collector in truthfulness, it’s a bit of a vicious circle really, there is so much I like and yet I find it difficult to decide what to use it for, but I’m sure that a lot of you who like fabric are exactly the same.

I like to buy local, a majority of my fabric comes from fabric corner in Lincoln.

adding a bit of farm into the bunting!
So there are a few ways we used fabric in our wedding…..

Who doesn’t love bunting? Well I did until I decided to make 50 metres of it, that was a job and a half, but well worth it because I loved the finished look! We wanted a rustic, laid back look for our wedding, as I’m sure you’ve already gathered, so I used a few new fabrics and lots of other fabric scraps I already had to create random colourful bunting, I even managed to get some with little piggies on to go with the farm. I stitched two triangles inside out and then turned them the right way, you can do single sided which saves a lot of time but I don’t think this looks as well finished.

We hired our furniture, marquee linings and lighting from David at Every Occasion in Nottingham. The team there are very efficient and helpful, they very kindly put up our bunting for us! –

setting up the venue
I also made very simple sashes to go on the back of our chairs, not necessary as I loved the chairs anyway, but I think they just added that extra touch, I bought lots of organza type fabric and did a single hem down one side, I then tied with with the ribbon bows.

I made cutlery holders from hessian and lace.

Lastly our arch! We decorated this with a large piece of fabric and dream catchers. I really enjoyed making these it was fun, me and John made these one evening a few nights before the wedding as it was a last minute idea. We had a mixture of different ones made with feather, beads, bells, cotton string, ribbons, lace, metal hoops and doilies.


close up of the arch from setting up the day before

Reid barn wedding – everybody loves flowers, cake & dancing!

My Bouquet – photo by harvey and harvey

We had our flowers from The arbour – who are based on steep hill in Lincoln. We picked them because they do beautiful wild/country/rustic flowers which is just what we wanted. For the tables we collected lots of different things to put our flowers in, old teapots and crockery from our home, decanters and bowls from second hand/charity’s shops, and left over tins from my baking!

For the aisle we have 10 shepherds hooks from which we hung jars of flowers and tea light holders on the last row. The jars are just random ones which my friends and family have collected for me and I added some decorations too.

Aisle flowers – photo by harvey and harvey


aisle flowers – photo by harvey and harvey

For the bouquets and button holes we asked the arbour to attach a scrabble piece for their first initial, and for my bouquet I had all of my new initials. Just a nice little touch to add that extra personalisation. Also John had a memory lane rose instead of the white roses which were in the rest of the button holes


Father of the bride button hole – photo by harvey and harvey

Groom button hole – photo by harvey and harvey

We got our cake from Darren at No. 82 cake studio –  – Fantastic cake and fantastic guy! One of the things I was most looking forward to was getting stuck into our cake. Iinitially we went for 3 tiers but had to up it to 4 because I’m too gready. Base was fruit, then lemon and 2 tiers of chocolate, because it was far too difficult to pick just one flavour.

Wedding cake by no 82 cake studio
wedding cake close up by no 82 cake studo

Dancing…we booked qldiscos – – they have a great online form where you can pick as many songs or types or music as you like, or as little as you like, a great idea and useful idea. We decided to give our quests an rsvp to reply with a song to get them on the dance floor. Quite a lot of people enjoyed this and we ended up with a great mixture of different tunes for our evening do.

First Dance – photo by harvey and harvey

Reid barn wedding – the other crafty bits

Bookorgami, Fimo candles, sloe gin, table plan, table names, place settings, bridesmaids hair combs, guest book

Bookorgami – this was fun! I liked doing the measurements and seeing how the folds slowly create a word. I’d like to have a go at some more origami in the future.

Mrs & Mrs Bookorgami

We decided to go for a bit of an alternative guest book, I made advice cards and draw your own self portraits, to be put in our basket to be read on our honeymoon. This was great fun because we missed out names and where the personal was from and took it in turns to guess who had written the card.

Wedding advice card
Draw your own Selfie

For our table plan we wanted an idea personal to us. We bought an illustrated map of Glastonbury, we go every year and already have a couple from previous years in our house, this year we treated ourselves to one of the large prints, we then names our tables after our favourite areas of Glastonbury. The tags with the names on point to the area, and on each table we had a picture of us at that area. We even had a table for the long drops

our glastonbury inspire table plan – photo by

Glastonbury table names – the long drops

For our place settings and wedding favours we had tea cakes with little flags that I printed my guests names on. We also had mini jars of sloe gin, we made the gin ourselves and decorated the jars.

Wedding favour and place setting

I also made little house candles from jars and Fimo clay. Forgot to take photos of these at the wedding.

I also made a hair comb for each of my bridesmaids as a gift

Bridesmaid hair combs

Really enjoyed making these bits and pieces, hope to be making more soon and reopen my etsy shop –

Reid barn wedding – the little things 

They always say it’s the little things that make all the difference

For some fun I got temporary tattoos for my guests (also personal to me as I have a fair few!) by Dixons Doodles on etsy

We also had our own Instagram hashtag and made flyers which were dotted around the wedding – one can be seen on the pin board below – #reidbarnwedding

Tattoo board and instagram hashtag in bottom right

I had a few bathroom essentials, there is always something that’s been forgotten…

freshen up!

Something which definitely went down a treat….


For the evening we had a bucket of sand filled with sparklers…


I also placed a few littles gifts on some of our guests chairs for when they sat down, just little bits that reminded me of them!

Nessie gets a mention in one of my later posts as well because I made her…